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Final Salary Transfers

Transfer values of UK defined benefit (final salary) schemes are reaching as high as 54 times that of an individual’s annual pension or can be as low as 11 times an annual pension, according...

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A bit more on robo advice

Here we go… I wrote a short article earlier this year on robo advice and the rise of the cyborg, but given the acceleration of robo in the UK market and plans for more...


Malta financial services

If you’re an Expat living in Malta or an EU International living abroad If you’re a UK or EU national living in or thinking about moving to Malta, you could enjoy some significant tax...

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Some women in crises

New figures show that men have almost three times the amount of retirement savings, with women trailing far behind. According to various reports the average man has a pension pot worth £73,600, compared to...

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Auto enrolment (AE) and workplace pensions

Are you still one of the small business owners still to set up a scheme under the new rules? The law on workplace pensions has changed. Under the Pensions Act 2008, every employer in...

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True and Fair Calculator

Well, I’m really liking this one!!! Found it today and it looks good. An independent way that measures the amount by which your investment is likely to be reduced over the period of the...