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Tolley's Property Taxation 2010 - 2011
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9th Edition

Consultant Editor: Mike Arnold

Tolley LexisNexis

ISBN: 978-0-7545-3906-3


An Appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers

If you're a tax practitioner, or even if you aren't, Tolley's Property Taxation 2010-2011 answers your questions and provides -- in one handy volume -- the solutions to virtually all your property tax problems.

Equally accessible to novices and experts alike, this reliable and popular guide ostensibly requires no specialist knowledge to take full advantage of the advice contained in its thousand or so pages, although we believe that at least some background knowledge would help.

However, as those ubiquitous property programmes on telly are always telling you, 'more people are buying and selling property than ever before.' So if you are in any way involved in property transactions or administration, expert or not, you should ideally have this definitive guide to hand. 'Property transactions are the most expensive anyone is likely to encounter' says the consultant editor, Mike Arnold ...(and are subjected, he adds) 'to the most complex legislation imaginable, usually where more than one tax is involved'.

It's in this head-spinningly complex financial environment that practitioners are grateful for this ever reliable volume with its stated aim of 'guiding those in practice towards a full and complete understanding of all the relevant taxes.'

A former partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Arnold heads a team of property taxation experts, each of whom has contributed a chapter in his or her specialist area. With case law featuring strongly in the text throughout, the range of topics and sub-topics is vast and includes everything from Real Estate Investment Trusts to Capital Expenditure -- Allowances, to Capital Gains Tax and VAT to Islamic Funding structures and -- new chapter here -- Property Planning in a Recession.

To help you build up your expertise even further in this field, (i.e. helping to ensure that your clients pay less tax on their properties) the expected research tools are in place, including extensive tables of cases, statutes, statutory instruments, and European legislation -- plus of course the handy and comprehensive index.

'Nothing stands still in the tax world surrounding property,' warns Mike Arnold and in much the same vein, Liz Pearce, Chief Executive of the British Property Federation remarks, in her appreciative Foreword to this volume, that 'a year is a positive lifetime in the property industry'. So if you have yet to acquire this year's edition of Tolley's for your tax library, rush out and buy it now.

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