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Jaron Lanier is a computer scientist who first rose to fame for his work on virtual reality. Once a devoted advocate of the free content model of the internet, he now believes that without a comprehensive monetisation of the network and the information it transmits, the future is bleak for consumers and technology companies.

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17 days ago at 11:04
The cost of committing cyber crime is falling, says Kyle Adams of IT company Juniper Networks. He tells Hannah Kuchler, FT San Francisco correspondent, that while law enforcers struggle to keep up ...
25 days ago at 11:28
Much of what's in the realm of the awesome but experimental today inevitably will become mainstream and essential in the very near-term future. One of the marketing universe's leading futurists ...
27 days ago at 12:20
Lionel Barber, Financial Times editor, and Lakshmi Mittal, chairman and chief executive of ArcelorMittal, talk to the FT's Seb Morton-Clark at the sixth Boldness in Business awards about what has ...
2 months ago at 12:34
Hannah Kuchler, the FT's San Francisco correspondent, looks at Facebook's first decade and the challenges it faces as the social network turns 10.
2 months ago at 11:47
Technology has been one of the buzzwords for bankers at this year's World Economic Forum in Davos. Martin Arnold, banking editor, says top bankers he has met at the meeting are all talking about how ...
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Paul Taylor, the FT's Connected Business editor, casts an eye over the latest 'thin and light' laptops, the MacBook Pro with retina display and the ThinkPad Lenovo X240
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Carolina Milanesi, a consumer devices analyst at Gartner's, speaks to Paul Taylor, the FT's Connected Business editor, about the advances in sensor technology and the opportunities and challenges they ...
4 months ago at 12:02
Founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos unveils plans for Amazon Prime Air which allows the online retailer to use unmanned drones to deliver small packages
5 months ago at 11:34
The Guardian's technology correspondent Charles Arthur reviews the new iPad Air, Apple's latest tablet device. He explains this thinner, lighter and more powerful model aims to increase the value of ...
5 months ago at 10:37
Baidu is the world's fifth most visited website, and China's most popular search engine, but how much does the rest of the world know about the "Google of China?" Bloomberg Television's Emily Chang ...

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