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Radio is the most popular medium for discovering new music among 33% of music lovers
3 years ago at 10:24

Radio is the most popular medium for discovering new music amongst a third (33%) of music lovers, recent research by YouGov SixthSense has found, whilst 28% cited recommendations made by friends/word of mouth and 14% of cite music used in TV or radio advertising.


Social networking sites are also important sources for discovering new music with 26% ofmusic lovers using YouTube to discover new music and 13% citing Facebook or other social networks.


Music focussed networks are less influential with only 4% of music lovers using to discover new music and only 2% using MySpace.  Online retailers Amazon and iTunes, however, are important mediums for discovering new music with 13% of music lovers considering them to be influential.


Newspaper reviews are twice as popular (11%) amongst music lovers for discovery of new bands as music magazines (5%), music news and reviews websites (4%), and music magazines’ websites (3%).


Impact of discovery

Just under half of music lovers (42%) who discover  enjoyable new music will go out and buy the physical product, 41% will listen to a free stream and 29% will visit the performer’s website.


28% of music lovers will purchase a digital download of a new artist/band when they discover them. 9% of music lovers will acquire an unpaid download.


Commenting on the findings, YouGov SixthSense Research Director James McCoy said: “In this internet age, it’s interesting that radio still plays such an important role in discovering new music. Of course the internet has made it possible to listen to more radio stations on more devices than ever before.”

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