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Car insurance prices 'falling at record rate'

2 years ago
The cost of car insurance is falling at a record rate in the UK, according to the insurance arm of the AA

New pet insurance product will put moggies on the map

3 years ago at 7:00
New ‘telecatics' policy could also lower owner's premiums by up to 50% has today added a new pet ...

We’re all going on a cost conscious holiday

3 years ago at 7:00
Families splashing out on Easter holidays but looking to save costs The notion of a staycation is proving less popular for ...

The great Easter getaway

3 years ago at 7:00
ABTA - The Travel Association estimates 1.7 million British holidaymakers are set to head overseas for the Easter weekend of 29 March - ...

Hair-brained- a third of women more concerned with appearance than career prospects

3 years ago at 7:00
One in three single ladies are more concerned about their appearance than their career prospects, research has revealed. When asked to ...

Six jobs, 12 pay rises and one office romance- a lifetime of work

3 years ago at 7:00
The average adult’s professional life will involve six jobs, 12 pay rises – and one office romance, it has been revealed. ...

Manbags beat handbags for tech and tablets

3 years ago at 7:00
But research shows one person's treasure is another's peculiarity - with a kitten, plastic duck, wetsuit and tuning fork all ...

Brits willing to spend over £4,000 on dream holiday

3 years ago at 7:00
While the economy continues to suffer, British people are dreaming of getting away from it all on a once-in-a-lifetime ...

Embarrassing- seven cringe-worthy calamities a week

3 years ago at 7:00
Modern life is a constant stream of cringe-inducing calamities, with seven in ten Brits’ regularly embarrassing themselves in ...

Budget calculator tool

3 years ago at 7:00
See how the little things add up A DVD rental or download here, a swift cheeky one after work there - they're just little ...