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If we can provide health screening – we can provide pension guidance

a month ago at 11:37  by Henry Tapper
Organising the Guidance Guarantee is a daunting task but it is no more daunting than many public welfare initiatives.

Mathematical economics

a month ago at 11:32  by Diane Coyle, OBE
An intriguing-looking book has just arrived: Finding Equilibrium: Arrow, Debreu, McKenzie and the problem of scientific credit by Till Düppe and Roy Weintraub.

How to make your free offers more valuable

a month ago at 11:19  by Graham Jones
Every day online you will be faced with an array of tempting free offers. Pop-ups abound with suggestions that you provide your email address and in return you will get a free ebook to download. Or ...

Will too much index tracking damage markets?

a month ago at 11:17  by John Redwood
I have heard a good many arguments against index tracking in my time, but one of the most interesting is the one that says as index tracking builds up to high levels so markets will function less ...

Life, leaving, and existentialism

a month ago at 11:07  by Diane Coyle, OBE
The Boxer and the Goalkeeper: Sartre vs Camus by Andy Martin was recommended to me by somebody commenting on this blog, I remember not when. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable book, using the soap opera of ...

Why your web business might not need a charismatic leader

a month ago at 10:59  by Graham Jones
The supermarket giant, Tesco, has announced today that its CEO is to leave – after only three years in the job. Philip Clarke took over from Sir Terry Leahy who was the company’s Chief Executive ...

What economic history do economists need to know?

a month ago at 10:34  by Diane Coyle, OBE
There’s an interesting VoxEU column by Coen Teulings about the economic history economics students ought to know. The list is terrific for learning about economic growth and development, including ...

Draghi on the horizon

a month ago at 10:31  by Matt Williams
With the football done and dusted the media are now quibbling about who was the "real" winner of the world cup. The candidates include Nike, Adidas, the BBC, ITV and Sepp Blatter's wealth manager.

More people likely to be caught by inheritance tax

a month ago at 10:27  by Cathy Corns
The number of people likely to have to pay inheritance tax is set to rise by around a third this year, according to Treasury predictions.

Some interesting news on tax avoidance

a month ago at 10:26  by Cathy Corns
HMRC has again failed in its attempt to charge PAYE on the Rangers’ EBT.


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