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London is carpooling capital of the UK
4 years ago at 9:12


New research from Direct Line Motor Insurance has discovered that London is the nation's carpooling capital, with more drivers giving lifts to and from their offices than in any other city in the UK. 


With more than one in five (22 per cent) of drivers sharing their car with at least one other person, London sits proudly at the top of Direct Line's Carpooling League Table.  In comparison, drivers in Leeds are languishing at the bottom of the table with just 15 per cent carpooling on their way to and from work. 


As the cost of motoring continues to spiral, nearly 1.6 million commuter drivers in the UK are now carpooling.  Despite 60 per cent of those who drive to work saying they have less disposable income as a result of increased motoring costs, only 43 per cent of those who give lifts to others ever receive any money in return. 


Drivers in the capital may carpool more frequently than those in any other UK city, but they are not the most generous. That title goes to the carpoolers of Glasgow who contribute a very healthy £11.10 for each journey, compared to the UK average of £5.60 per trip.   London carpoolers contribute an average of £10.60 per journey compared to Bradford where people contribute just 90 pence a journey.   


Steve Price, Head of Direct Line Car Insurance, commented: "People across the country are looking for ways to save money and carpooling is an opportunity for commuters to save and also positively benefit the environment. With fuel costs continuing to rise, and increasing congestion at peak times, carpooling is not only an excellent way of limiting costs but also eases the pressure on our roads. Our customers' are covered to use their car in this way, as long as any payment they receive is to only cover the cost of fuel and general wear and tear of their vehicle."


Direct Line's Carpooling League Table

1.            London

2.            Glasgow

3.            Manchester

4.            Sheffield

5.            Birmingham

6.            Bradford

7.            Liverpool

8.            Edinburgh

9.            Bristol

10.          Leeds 


Direct Line's Passenger Contribution League Table

1.            Glasgow

2.            London

3.            Birmingham

4.            Manchester

5.            Liverpool

6.            Sheffield

7.            Leeds

8.            Bristol

9.            Edinburgh

10.          Bradford


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