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QuickQuote- a revolutionary new service that can help car dealerships get the sale!
4 years ago at 9:47 has launched a new revolutionary mobile text message service called QuickQuote, which can help car dealerships seal the deal on a new sale.

With this new text message service car dealerships can provide their customers with not only the cost of the car, but the insurance costs too just by the touch of a button.

With 76%*of people saying that buying a car is one of their biggest life purchases; car dealerships need to give their customers as much information as possible to secure that sale and with the help of, this can be achieved through QuickQuote.

QuickQuote is the first mobile phone text message service where potential car buyers can get competitive car insurance quotes in seconds. This new service means customers can get a quote anytime and anywhere through their mobile phone for the cost of only £1 per text**, stopping customers leaving the show room.

QuickQuote allows new car hunters to find out the price they could expect to pay for car insurance on a vehicle at any place or time; and for car dealers, this means forecourt selling could be easier and quicker.


Comparing car insurance online can take, on average just under 4 minutes*** but with QuickQuote forecourt browsers just need to text the registration number of the car to 66800 to get the cheapest quote in seconds. The quote will then be delivered directly to their mobile phone, saving both time and money. Customers can know in seconds if they can afford the car of their dreams.


QuickQuote, from, offers drivers the quickest way of getting a cheap quote and to see if they could save money when they are looking for that new car.


The process is simple, the driver must have already used and have registered on the site, they simply text the number plate of the car that needs insured to 66800 and will text back the cheapest quote in seconds.


QuickQuote will always provide the cheapest car insurance premium available on and allows users to quickly compare car insurance on the move.


This new service offers quotes from over 130 insurance providers from all in a matter of seconds. has one of the largest motor panels in the comparison market and can provide a wide variety of competitive quotes in seconds.


Mike Hoban, Marketing Director at, said: " revolutionised the search for car insurance 10 years ago with the launch of To follow on this success QuickQuote has been developed to provide a quick and easy process to help customers find cheaper car insurance and save them money."


"For car dealerships QuickQuote is a perfect way of helping secure that sale, as it's a great way for customers to see if they can really afford to run that motor that they spot at the car showroom. Customers do need to go away and spend time online searching for the cheapest insurance deal; it can all be done through the touch of a button. By using QuickQuote to its advantage drivers can shop around and get the best quotes and hopefully save a hefty packet on the cost of car insurance in the process, helping them towards buying their dream car."

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