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Euroland inflation; low or lower?

an year ago at 10:54  by Matt Williams
Hard on the heels of allegations that a Qatari official paid a £3,000,000 bribe to Fifa it transpires that England stands accused of a similar offence. Fifa's chief investigator, Michael Garcia, is ...

Focus your website on who writes it not the content itself

an year ago at 10:49  by Graham Jones
I know this is going to be tough to believe, but there are people all over the world who go to every movie Tom Cruise makes, regardless of the subject matter. They love Tom Cruise so much, they want ...

Selfies create the wrong impression about you

an year ago at 9:53  by Graham Jones
Have you taken a “selfie” and uploaded it to Instagram or Facebook? Many people have. “Selfies” are photos of yourself taken with the front-side camera of a smartphone and millions of people ...

The real and the virtual converge

an year ago at 10:17  by Diane Coyle, OBE
What are virtual economies for? In their new book, Virtual Economies: Design and Analysis, Vili Lehdonvirta and Edward Castronova focus on the answer: providing a viable business model for the ...

Admit it - You "Simply" Don't Like Trusts!

an year ago at 10:08  by Mark McLaughlin
HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) published the consultation document Ineritance Tax: A Fairer Way of Calculating Trust Chargess on 6 June 2014. This is their third consultation in this area. Read more ...

Should accountants be bothered with CDC

an year ago at 10:37  by Henry Tapper
The short answer is “no” but be aware as your clients will probably ask you for your view!

Why aren’t bund yields negative again?

an year ago at 10:27  by Jim Leaviss
Whether or not you believe that the ECB moves to full government bond purchase quantitative easing this week (and the market overwhelmingly says that it’s only a remote possibility) the fact that ...

Reducing red tape for companies

an year ago at 11:11  by Cathy Corns
The government has issued its response to comments on the consultation and its proposals on reducing filing requirements for companies. Briefly, it plans to:

Concerns over Bitcoin as a weapon of deceit in divorce

an year ago at 11:08  by Gemma Hope
Bitcoin’s relative anonymity means some spouses within divorce proceedings are choosing to use it as a medium of investment to try and avoid full disclosure of their assets.


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