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A tipping point

a month ago at 11:57  by Steve Billingham
In their 2012 report, entitled UK Wealth Management sector at a tipping point, KPMG highlighted what it called a “discernable trend amongst affluent investors towards managing portfolios ...

Sterling walks a tightrope

a month ago at 11:56  by Matt Williams
In his Budget speech today the Chancellor of the Exchequer will announce the introduction of a new £1 coin. The current one is apparently too easy a target for forgers so, to make their task more ...

The M&G Central Bank Credibility Survey – the Carney impact?

a month ago at 11:34  by Jim Leaviss
Whilst YouGov is surveying consumers around the UK, Europe and Asia for the M&G YouGov Inflation Expectations Survey, we thought it would be useful for them also ask some questions about how people ...

What should we expect from the UK budget?

a month ago at 11:31  by John Redwood
We know most of the main numbers of the Budget. These days they are given to us in the late Autumn (December) Statement, with full forecasts from the OBR. The revisions to these this March are not ...

I’m in- who’s out?

a month ago at 10:56  by Henry Tapper
I’m serving up a dish which may have gone cold in your inbox or may not have reached you at all.

RTI penalties to be deferred

a month ago at 10:49  by Cathy Corns
HMRC has recently announced a staggered start to the introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) penalties.

Vote No

a month ago at 11:15  by Matt Williams
Autolib, a subsidiary of the Bolloré group, is a car-hire firm that rents out small electric cars for short-term use. In Paris the charge is €5.5 for 30 minutes. The firm is now preparing to expand ...

HMRC support for customers who need extra help

a month ago at 11:13  by Cathy Corns
A new, flexible, face-to-face support service for customers who need extra help with their taxes, tax credits and child benefit entitlements is being rolled out across the UK by HMRC.

World Wide Web – is it really 25 years old?

a month ago at 11:07  by Graham Jones
World Wide Web – three words, huge impact. It is so much an every day part of our lives these days that it is hard to believe it is only 25 years old. Or is it?

Reason on trial

a month ago at 12:18  by Diane Coyle, OBE
I’ve been putting off reading Prisonomics by Vicky Pryce because I’ve known and liked and admired her for many years, and was absolutely shocked by her getting a prison sentence. In the book she ...


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